Rolex Diamond Watch: The Best Place to Buy one

rolex diamond watch

The Rolex diamond watch is indeed an intelligent and huge investment for every diamond lovers that can afford it.  So many customers want to acquire at least a Rolex diamond watch to feel its beauty, as an investment and see what diamond is used in making the watch that makes it unique and expensive. I’m more concerned about the diamond watches from Rolex brand not because I am obsessed with the brand jewelry products but because Rolex is a widely known status symbol, with over 700,000 of its timepieces released annually. It’s also one of the most counterfeited watch brands out there.

rolex diamond watch

In order not to fall a victim of buying the fake or counterfeited Rolex diamond watch, you need to be very careful when ordering a Rolex diamond watch online or buying it offline. Spotting the fake ones can be a bit difficult and time consuming for you in both online and offline watches shop. But if you can carefully follow the guides I prepared for you, you will see the things to look out for when planning to buy a Rolex diamond watch.

Rolex Diamond Watch: Spotting the Fake Ones

  1. Take a look at the winder on the side of the watch. Usually, Real Rolex will have a finely-crafted winder with engravings and grooves that are “quite a work of art,” but a fake Rolex watches have rather basic moveable winders to move the minute and hour hands.
  2. Another way you can easily spot a counterfeited Rolex diamond watch is to check their quartz dial movements. The second hand stutters along inside the counterfeit watch, whereas a real Rolex has a smooth second hand movement.
  3. Look carefully at the cyclops lens on the face of the true Rolex diamond watch, it will magnify the date. This feature is hard to replicate, so most counterfeit timepieces will skip this step and the date will appear the same size.
  4. The last but not the least way to spot a replica is by the heft of the watch. Fake Rolex watches are generally lighter, whereas a real Rolex diamond watch is made of high-quality metals and diamonds, and will weigh significantly more.

Rolex Diamond Watch: What Diamond does Rolex use?

The standards in the diamonds Rolex uses are very high. Only diamonds that are at least IF in clarity are used and also diamonds that are between D and G in color are used. These standards consist only the four highest grades of color.

Rolex do make use of its own jewelers to set the diamonds in its watches. Each diamond is individually selected and set for a particular Rolex diamond watch. Most of the Rolex’s most exclusive watches offer custom settings, meaning that no two exclusive watches are alike.

A Rolex watch is costly than other high end watch brands. Yet, sales for Rolex watches stay high every year. Many people dream of owning a Rolex for its beauty, prestige, and originality. One thing I know is that if you purchase a Rolex diamond watch today, it is the last watch you’ll ever need to buy.

Rolex Diamond Watch: The Best Picks


rolex diamond watch

Rolex Day-Date 40 President Yellow Watch 228348 Diamond Bezel Baguette Diamond Dial

40mm 18K yellow gold case, screw-down crown with twinlock double waterproofness system, 18K yellow gold bezel set with 48 diamonds, scratch-resistant double anti-reflective sapphire crystal with cyclops lens over the date, champagne dial, 10 baguette diamond hour markers, Rolex calibre 3255 automatic movement, President bracelet, concealed folding Crownclasp buckle. Waterproof to 100 meters.

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rolex diamond watch

Datejust 41 126334 Black Dial 41 mm Rolex Diamond for Mens

Polished with Brushed Stainless Steel Case & Oyster Bracelet
Polished Solid 18K White Gold Fluted Bezel
Black Dial Set with Diamonds
Self Winding Automatic Chronometer Movement
Scratch Resistant Sapphire Crystal

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rolex diamond watch


This is a Never Worn Timepiece that still has the factory original protective plastics on the case and comes with the Original Box and Papers.
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rolex diamond watch

Rolex Datejust Rhodium Diamond Dial 18kt White Gold Fluted Mens Watch

Rhodium dial with silver-tone hands and diamond hour markers. Minute markers around the outer rim. Dial Type: Analog. Date display appears at the 3 o’clock position. Automatic movement. Scratch resistant sapphire crystal. Screw down crown. Solid case back. Case diameter: 36 mm. Concealed crown clasp. Water resistant at 100 meters / 330 feet.
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rolex diamond watch

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Ice Blue Dial Platinum Mens Watch

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Daytona Cosmograph Watch.
Model # 116506
40mm Platinum Case;
Ceramic Chestnut Brown Bezel, Ice Blue Dial,
Scratch Resistant Sapphire Crystal;
Screw-Down Crown, Triplock Triple-Waterproofness System; Platinum Oyster Bracelet
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rolex diamond watch

Rolex Day-Date II 41 President Platinum Watch Ice Blue Dial 218206 Box/Papers

Rolex diamond watch that comes with all the best features with a sleek design.

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rolex diamond watch

Rolex Mens New Style Heavy Band Stainless Steel & 18K Gold Datejust Model 116233 Jubilee Band Fluted Bezel White Diamond Dial

It has an analog type of display, 36 millimeters case diameter, 17 millimeters bandwith, Swiss automatic movement and Anti reflective sapphire Dial window material type. A simple yet expensive Rolex diamond watch
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rolex diamond watch

Rolex Ladys President New Style Heavy Band 18k Yellow Gold Model 179178 Fluted Bezel Champagne Diamond Dial

I must include this Rolex diamond watch on my list due to the positive reviews made about this timepiece

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rolex diamond watch


Monobloc middle case, screw-down case back and winding crown, Screw-down, Twinlock double waterproofness system, Scratch-resistant sapphire, Cyclops lens (2.5x) over the date, Bidirectional winding, self-winding via Perpetual rotor, Oyster Bracelet, flat three-piece links.Buy from Amazon

rolex diamond watch

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 40mm 18K Everose Gold Watch With Everose Gold Bezel Set With 48 Diamonds, Chocolate Dial With 10 Baguette Diamond Hour Markers and Everose Gold Presidential Bracelet

One of the best Rolex diamond watch on Amazon. The beauty of the design is awesome.

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Note: This list will be updated continually with the latest Rolex diamond watch so as to keep you informed. And any timepiece that is no longer available on Amazon will be removed to avoid mix up when selecting the best Rolex diamond watch to purchase.

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Rolex Diamond Watch as an Investment

The use of diamonds as an investment and a financial hedging tool has grown rapidly over the last few years. Buying the Rolex diamond watch as an investment comes with some advantages like:

  • Diamonds don’t take up a room space
    Diamonds have forever been used as an excellent means of transfer. The fact that such a small item can be worth so much money is amazing. You can easily keep a one million dollar diamond in the smallest of safes.
  • Inflation Proof
    This is actually true for most physical commodities. Real estate, gold, silver, and diamonds usually appreciate in compliance to inflation. Unlike the others, diamonds are more durable and movable. This is also why even if you do not want to purchase diamonds for investment purpose, buy it as an alternative form for putting some money aside diamonds make a good choice.
  • Psychology
    It is physical. You can hold it, feel it beauty, look at it and even wear it (Rolex diamond watch). It makes you feel safer unlike stocks and other financial items which are rows on a computer screen.
  • Durability
    A diamond is durable. It doesn’t break or wear off. Since it’s the hardest substance on earth you do not have to worry about anything happening to it. All you have to do is to make sure you do not lose it! (and even that can be insured).
  • You can enjoy it while you have it
    Since diamonds do not wear off and technically there is no meaning to selling a “second hand” diamond, you can mount it and wear it while you use it for investment purposes.


The Meaning of the 4 Cs of Diamonds

  • Diamond Cut –
    Unlike what most people think of when talking about a diamond’s cut – it does not refer to the diamond’s shape but rather to the quality of the diamond’s cut for a given shape. Is the number of facets correct? How are they aligned one compared to the other? What about the size of the facets? Is it shallow or deep? Is a round diamond perfectly rounded? At the end of the day, the answers to these questions (and more) reflect on how the diamond will… reflect. How the light will bounce off of it and how much brilliance and sparkle it will have. The grades that are given are on the scale of Fair, Good, Very Good and Excellent and are given for polish, symmetry and cut (fancy shapes don’t have cut) – learn more about diamond Cut.
  • Diamond Color –
    Ironically, when speaking of grading a diamond for its color the meaning is actually the diamond’s lack of color (unless speaking on fancy colored diamonds). Colors are graded on a scale of D – Z (alphabetical). D being the purest and most lucid color, completely colorless. As you go down the alphabet the diamond gets a slight tone of color, yellow or brown.
  • Diamond Clarity –
    A diamond clarity grade refers to the appearance of inclusions within the diamond or on it. The clarity chart goes as follows: FL, IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, I1, I2. Some gemological laboratories also include SI3 and I3 grading.
  • Diamond Carat –
    Diamond’s carat refers to its weight. Note that while usually higher weight refers to a bigger diamond it does not has to be the case – the way a diamond is cut has effect on it. Weight is very important when it comes to pricing of diamonds since diamonds are priced per carat and there are lots of tricks on how to manipulate it on your behalf and save a lot of money.


Rolex Diamond Watch: Why Diamonds are Expensive

There three main reasons diamonds are so expensive according to this article here

  1. Diamonds are historicalDiamonds have been used by many people worldwide to store and transport wealth across geographies and generations, especially people who have been persecuted throughout history and forced to migrate against their will. For instance, there are many stories in pre-WWII Nazi Germany of Jewish families trading family assets through diamonds because they were easy to conceal. (There’s actually a scene in Schindler’s List that shows some family members hiding diamonds in a loaf of bread.)
  2. Diamonds are emotional, and closely tied to marketingThe popularity of diamonds is the result of one of the most successful marketing campaigns in history. This was largely orchestrated by De Beers and included product placement as well as celebrity and royal associations. The modern symbolism of diamonds along with the idea of the diamond ring as a perfect gift of love are largely creations of the marketing departments.The DeBeers company has basically controlled the supply of rough diamonds for years. Many believe this set up to be a cartel, like OPEC.Diamonds have been branded as the default signal for wealth, interpersonal commitment, purity, rarity, scarcity, brilliance, and all the emotions which mark each of these moments. By artificially controlling the scarcity of the product (which is not really scarce), it drives up the cost. Consumers don’t usually deviate from the norm for these special occasions. We all want the best of the best, don’t we?!
  3. Diamonds are an accumulation of marginal costs (Basically, everyone wants a piece of the pie!)If you peel back the layers of the diamond trade and think about just how a diamond gets on the finger of a young woman (or man) ready to marry, consider this chain of events:
    • A diamond is mined by an employee of a company and sent to a warehouse where rough diamonds are packaged together and sold to traders.
    • Those traders transport the diamonds to cities in the world where the best diamond-cutting talent exists, such as Antwerp, Tel Aviv, Mumbai, and places in Southeast Asia. These cutting centers buy the rough diamonds and use a mix of handmade skill and technology to cut the diamonds in the right shape and in the right way to maximize each stone’s brilliance.
    • The stones are put into parcels and then sold to wholesalers, who look through boxes of stones from similar lots but are so dense that they are not able to investigate each small stone individually. Instead, they have to apply crude statistical tests on looking at small samples. The wholesalers buy up parcels and then sell the best stones to individuals, sell the majority of stones to jewelry makers, and in some cases, make standard jewelry to sell directly to retail players.
    • Lastly, many hands touch the diamond in making the jewelry as well, such as those who make settings, who polish the stones, and the runners who deliver pieces back and forth.

    Whew, that is a lot of people in the diamond production process! By the time a Rolex diamond watch reaches someone’s wrist, it has literally touched so many hands and each person in the chain needs to profit a bit from the transaction.

    So next time you go shopping for a diamond and think: “Man that’s expensive!”….now you’ll know what you’re paying for and why.




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